What happens to your fitting data after you do the fitting? If you are a hearing aid dispenser fitting multiple brands or fitting over multiple locations, keeping a track of your fitting data can be quite challenging. Data that could be used for meaningful analysis could just be lost over time.

Keep a real time track of all fittings and programmings at all your dispensing centres and across all the fitting modules. This means that as soon as a fitting or programming takes place at any of your centres, the generated data is instantly stored in a secure computer at your premises or at any location of your choice or even on the cloud.

We at Get Liberated Technologies have pioneered the use of Noah System and with our years of experience in implementing and supporting Noah we have fine tuned our services to maximize your customer experience and profits. With our tailored installations we can ensure that all the requisite data is captured at the time of fitting.

Noah System 4 takes your fitting data management to the next level by offering not just complete control over your data but also a wide variety of reporting that will enable you to make more informed decisions and generate more productivity and profits from your business.



If you fit across multiple locations, patient data will be updated in real time across all locations.

Keep a track of the activities of audiologists or fitting personnel hereby generating accountability to the fitting and dispensing staff.

One integrated database for all the popular hearing aid brands ensures efficient data consolidation and reporting.

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No need to worry about viruses or system crashes or taking backups. Scheduled automatic backups store encrypted backups in cloud.

There are no chances of data theft or data loss due to crashed computers as there is no data being stored locally.

The hardware can be freely upgraded at the user end without worrying about data migration.

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View complete relationship history of a particular patient over the years including all the hearing aid models he has used and the trends in his hearing loss.

Wide array of reports enable you to extract meaningful data that can be used for

- mass mailing campaigns
- SMS campaigns
- label printing for sending postal mail

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Capture diagnostic test results directly from diagnostic equipment. e.g., audiometer etc. thereby eliminting chances of human error in manually entering test values.

Wide array of reports enable you to extract meaningful data that can be used for printing customized reports with multi-color audiograms, your company logo, company name, name of the fitting audiologist.

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The comprehensive bouquet of reports includes:

- list of patients according to gender, age, location.
- list of audiograms or fittings done by a particular audiologist in the specified duration.
- list of fittings of a particular brand in the specified duration.
- search by hearing aid serial number.
- search by hearing threshold.

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Extensive support and training during the implementation to ensure you reap maximum RoI.

We will training you on how to analyze data on a variety of parameters such as by brand of aid, fitting audiologist, time duration, etc.

90 days of post implementation support ensures that your transition to using Noah is simple and hassle free.

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